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Leather Puffer Stand-up collar Jacket

Breathable Health Care Half Finger Gloves

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Provides extra support for thumbs, fingers, wrists and joints by providing gentle compression, focusing on pressure points and providing extra warmth.
Comfortable, breathable and easy to clean.

S code: 7x19.5cm
M code: 7.5x20.5cm
L code: 8x21.5cm
XL code: 9x23cm
Gray section: with glue
Weight: 30g/pair

1. Pain relief to a great extent
2. Suitable for people with joint pain and inflammation
3. Helps to heal and relieve pain
4. Fingers can write and write freely.
5. Practical and comfortable
6. Helps reduce swelling and pain, while the inner layer helps keep warm and warm
7. Lightweight and easy to wash

Package Content:
1 pair x Care gloves

UH0171 (2) UH0171 (4) UH0171 (6) UH0171 (8) UH0171 (1)